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You may find the answer here by taking a look at the FAQ.

Please read through it before reaching out !

If your question remains unanswered or if you encountered a crash/bug, feel free to contact me at

About crashes/bugs, please provide the following informations :

  • Crash report from your DAW (MOST IMPORTANT)
  • OS infos (macOS 12.3 / Windows 11 / …)
  • DAW version (Ableton Live 11.3.22 / FL Studio 21.2.3 / …)
  • Plugin version (activated / demo)
  • Description of how and when the crash/bug occurs, so I can try and recreate it

I’ll do my best to help you as quickly as I can. Please be indulgent though, as I’m the only person behind MNE and I still haven’t find a way to duplicate myself.

Frequently Asked Questions

When launching the installer, make sure to close any program using audio plugins (any DAW for instance).

Also make sure your antivirus software did not put the installer file into quarantine.

You might need to temporarily deactivate your firewall in order to successfully activate your software.


In order to later deactivate a license or to retrieve your serial number if you’ve lost your email, you need to have an account.

Note that an account is automatically created using the email address and the password you provide when placing an order.

If you already have an account and you’re logged in, it will automatically be used. If you’re not logged in, you’ll be invited to do so at the top of the checkout section.

By going on the Account page (top right icon).

You should then see the “Log Out?” tab at the bottom of the tabs list.

Upon order completion, you should receive an email containing a link to the plugin’s installer.

You can also get the installer on the Account page (top right icon), under the “Downloads” tab.

Upon order completion, you should receive an email from Sealbucket containing your serial number.

You can also see your product serials on the Account page (top right icon), under the “My Products” section.

You can have two simultaneous activations.

You can deactivate a license on a device a reactivate it on another one.

To do so, go to the Account page (top right icon).

Under the “My Products” section in the upper part of the page, you should see the list of devices your serial number has been activated on.

Under the id of the device you want to deactivate the license on, is a “Delete Activation” link which you can click.

Once this is done, you can then use the same product serial to activate your software on a new device.

Yes there is.

It allows you to allows you to fully preview every samples, sounds and presets. A maximum of 3 layers can loaded into the rack at the same time. The export rack to audio file, user sample import and item/state saving functions are disabled. You can use the demo version for as long as you want, with no activation required.

It is not, for now.

Feel free to reach out if you would like an AAX version so that I can assess the demand for such a format.


I’m not planning on developing a 32-bit version any time soon either.

I didn’t test Oh!Snap with bridging plugin. If you use it this way I won’t be able to help you with any issue you encounter.